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Using VBA with Xylobot for Coding education

Intermediate Coding : Study Coding with Excel's VBA

※ All coding training is connected to PC (mobile version is not supported)

What is VBA?

Abbreviation for Visual Basic for Application, a programming language included in MS Excel. Of the text-based programming languages, Basic is the easiest language to learn.

  • Explanation Students study coding using VBA, a programming language used in practice.
    Entry and Scratch are educational languages, while VBA is the actual programming language used in practice.
  • Main target High school student / College student, adult
  • Tool VBA (Use Excel if you have Excel installed on your PC)
  • Major coding education content 1. VBA Basics - learn the basic of text-based programming language
    2. Simple coding for Xylobot – Understanding physical computing principles and developing unit functions in connection with a Xylobot
    3. Advanced coding for Xylobot – Development of program that Xylobot plays xylophone by constructing UI